NAEA Research Commission Interactive Cafe

The Café is a place where discussion of topics can foster new communities for bettering practice, conducting research, and raising issues for the field. The Café invites members, in an informal setting, to participate in exchanging knowledge, sharing issues, generating initiatives, and developing questions related to research issues.

Using the Interactive Café: Café guests have the opportunity to construct or contribute to discussion threads around art education topics. The Research Commission has provided three categories of tags: Topics, Methods, and People for guests to use with each discussion threads and post. Guests do not need to use tags from each of the three categories and they are encouraged to use all the tags that are most applicable to their contribution. Research Café editors will have the capacity to add tags that they see as germane in order to build connections between café guests.

Interactive Café Opportunities: In addition to collaborating and connecting in new ways, the Research Commission intends the Café to provide other benefits for users. First, as Café guests form groups, they are encouraged to utilize the Research Commission’s Initiatives and Collaboration page to connect with other members. If Café groups see their collaborations as connected to the Research Agenda, they are encouraged to work towards developing a Research Commission Endorsed project. Guests interested in blogging about a particular topic should contact the editor with an outline and timeline for the proposed blog. Frequent Café guests will have opportunities to become co-editors of the Interactive Café.

Disclaimer: Information provided on this forum is for educational and information purposes only. NAEA is not responsible for nor does it endorse the opinions and information posted on this list by others. Any references to commercial products or trade names are made with the understanding that no discrimination is intended, nor is there an endorsement by NAEA of any products or companies involved. View NAEA’s complete Terms of Use Policy here:

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